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Ultra-lightweight. Super-sturdy. Our Flat Bar is the lightest handlebar to withstand the toughest industrial test in the world. The excellent balance of flexibility, vibration damping and robustness ensures precise steering response and the ultimate on-trail experience.
Handmade in Germany.

Design & Innovation Award Winner 2019


You’re not just looking for a handlebar – you’re looking for a reliable partner. One with the perfect balance between weight and robustness. That passes the toughest tests. A handlebar with a balanced stiffness that really lets you feel the terrain and gives you a safer ride feel. One that’s unique, sturdy and reliable.

Whether you’re riding the Riser Bar or the Flat Bar it’s pure carbon. You’re riding a Beast.


Technical Details

Material Carbon
Range of Use XC | Trail | Enduro
Price UD-Finish black:
199 €

SQ-Finish black:
239 €

279 €
Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Width 700 mm | 740 mm | 780 mm
Rise 5 mm
Weight UD-Finish:
136 g | 140 g | 144 g

154 g | 158 g | 162 g

+3 g with color
Weight Tolerance 5%
Weight Limit none
Colors UD- and SQ-Finish:
black | red | blue



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