Summer LITE Gloves - Cloudy Vision

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 The light breaks through the window to reveal a sea of solo cups. The nearest lamp is shade-less as you peer into the back yard to see Bill on a pool float with the lamp shade around his head. There are 3 orders of Dominos on the table.... 3 orders of large Hawaiian Pizzas (ew, that had to be an accident). The dog is even wearing a tiny sombrero for no reason at all. 

Congrats on the epic party but welcome to a morning of cloudy vision. Get on your bike, slide on your new Cloudy Vision Summer gloves and go sweat out your wild night!

Welcome to our lightest glove EVER. Here’s how they keep you “cool” in more ways than one:

  • Our all new FULLTOUCH technology is seamless touchscreen capabilities woven throughout entire palm, so no more trying to touch your phone "just right" to get that trailside picture
  • 4-way stretch Air Lite top for all day breathe-ability when the summer sun is damn near unbearable
  • Air Lite Mesh Top is HIGHLY durable - many knuckles met many trees during testing with no resulting tears to the gloves
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